What are the Pros and Cons of Short Term Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a divisive issue in the United States. On the one hand, it is very difficult to get good quality health care without insurance, but on the other, some families can’t afford to pay for health insurance. It’s a real dilemma.


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There is no doubt that health insurance is expensive, but if you can’t afford a full health care insurance policy or you have missed the enrolling deadline, a short-term policy from Pivot Health could be the solution. So, what are the pros and cons of short-term medical insurance policies and are they right for you?

There are many advantages to purchasing short-term health insurance.


Short-term health insurance is a lot cheaper than a comprehensive plan. Monthly premiums are a lot lower, but you still have access to a wide range of medical benefits. The cost advantage is one of the major selling points of short-term health insurance, especially for younger people, as they don’t need comprehensive health insurance cover because they are fit and healthy. Many plans also keep costs down by offering video consultations with a doctor who is able to write a prescription based on your symptoms.

Large Network of Practitioners

When you take out a short-term health insurance policy, you are not restricted to a specific network of health care practitioners. You can see any doctor you like, which is useful if you need to travel through work.

Instant Cover

You can get an instant decision when you apply for short-term medical insurance. Most plans come into effect within 24-hours of an application being submitted, so if you need treatment for an ailment, you won’t have to wait too long to see a doctor.

Temporary Cover

Short-term health insurance is ideal for people who only need coverage for a few months. For example, if you have just started a new job, but are not yet eligible to join your employer’s health insurance scheme, a short-term policy will tide you over. Short-term health insurance can also be useful for international students, seasonal employees, people between jobs, and college graduates.

It’s not all plain sailing and there are some disadvantages attached to short-term health insurance.

Pre-Existing Conditions

A short-term health insurance plan will not cover you for any pre-existing conditions. Therefore, if you have diabetes, you won’t be able to claim for any complications because of your diabetes.

Serious Health Problems

If you were unlucky enough to be diagnosed with heart disease, cancer, or any kind of serious illness, you would be better off with a comprehensive medical insurance policy. Short-term policies are not robust enough to cope with major illnesses.

Obamacare Tax Penalty

Having a short term insurance plan won’t shield you from the Obamacare tax penalty; you will still have to pay the fine for not having comprehensive medical insurance.

Short-term medical plans are not for everyone, but if you are young, healthy, and don’t need comprehensive cover, they definitely tick a lot of boxes.


Motorized Treadmills vs. Manual treadmills

The sale of treadmills has taken off in recent years no doubt due largely these benefits. And, unsurprisingly, this increase in treadmill popularity has also caused an increase in the number of designs that are available today. However, the biggest decision for prospective buyers is still deciding on a motorized treadmill or a manual. With a motorized treadmill, you keep pace as the machine motor moves the band (at the speed that was available electronically). With a manual treadmill, you push the band with your feet, so that the speed depends on how hard you push.


There are other differences. In principle, manual treadmills are much more accessible. Manual treadmills also take up less space and, theoretically, can help you burn calories more efficiently, because you provide the muscle power that moves the band.

Since you provide muscle strength, unless you are in a good way, tend to move slower and tire more quickly. As a result, you may actually be burning fewer calories. Manual models also have other disadvantages. The aerodynamic shapes that are followed for a manual treadmill to work, because it tends to tilt to one side. This can hinder the action of running if you do not have a good condition or are not used to it; which results in lower profits. Finally, as tired as he runs on a manual treadmill, you tend to push more strongly with one leg. This can cause the movement on the treadmill is uneven, and therefore will be harder to run.

Making a decision

Unless you have an excellent physical condition, it is generally better to buy a motorized treadmill a manual. If you choose this option, here are some variables you should consider:

AC or DC Motor – AC motors tend to be noisier. They also spend more energy and often require a dedicated power source for your use only.

Thickness of the band – four-wheel drive bands are stronger and have fewer sides buckles.

Extension of the surface Longer “platform” to run will let you experience a more natural stride, and therefore is traveled, have a simpler movement

Speed – If you plan to walk on your machine, a minimum speed of .5 mph to a maximum speed of 6 mph should be sufficient. If you are planning to use it to run, it is preferable to have one that has a minimum of 5 mph to at least 8-12 mph.

Shock absorption – Manufacturers use different techniques to absorb the impact of their legs and feet. These ranges are thicker to thinner plate’s bands so that the impact is absorbed at the site where it runs (more expansive) and the “floating beds” where the treadmill is recharged in special springs (static more expansive). Remember that the higher impact absorbing machine, the less wear and tear occur in your feet, legs and joints.

Tilt – The inclination of the treadmill varies from 2% maximum incline to 15-25%. The higher the pitch, the greater the amount of exercise that the machine can offer. Also, check the tilt mechanism of the machine; electrical switches are preferable to manually operated. Automatic inclines (which are directly related and automatically change during activity) can be nice, but expensive.

Electronic feedback: Almost all motorized treadmills offer electric monitors where speed, time and distance are displayed. Most programs also include pre programmed exercises. Your options are limited primarily by your pocket. For a larger amount of money you can purchase models of motorized treadmill that store information for specialized programs and / or their records. Many machines also offer heart rate monitors. However, note that many of these monitors may have a little error in the count, since the monitors are placed around the chest are more effective.

In conclusion, there are three points. First, try to negotiate a month free trial before you buy your treadmill. Second, consider buying a used machine; check your local “Want Advertiser” and the neighboring clubs (many places that are constantly renewed need to sell the equipment used). Finally, as always, before starting a new exercise program, consult your doctor before starting this program.

How to eliminate abdominal flaccidity quickly

Abdominal sagging excess skin is left as a result of weight loss rapidly. Although it is quite annoying and embarrassing for many people, it can be deleted by following some tips.

Because the skin is the body’s largest organ and is responsible for protecting it, it is very important to nurture and care for her. When weight is lost quickly not only abdominal flab is generated, since the entire body including the face, suffering from sagging; due to the deterioration suffered by the fibers of collagen and elastin skin.



Exercise regularly to include resistance is a good way to tighten the loose skin and tone muscles. Do some strength exercises to produce a thin layer of firm muscles, make the skin hanging in the abdomen, arms and face decline significantly.


Reduce intake of carbohydrates and eat foods rich in protein is good to eliminate abdominal flab, because protein helps in building muscles. Lean proteins such as chicken breast, lean pork and beef provide the necessary protein for muscle maintenance and growth, helped reconfirm loose skin after losing weight quickly. For best results, you can eat a protein bar or protein shake after exercise.


Firming as lotions and creams not only help get rid of sagging skin, moisturize and also increase the flexibility of the skin. Apply these products to firm the skin in problem areas twice a day, it helps tighten the skin and improve its elasticity. Look for those products that hold back essential ingredients like collagen, cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamins A, C, E, and D. You can also use products with vitamin E to eliminate stretch marks caused by excess skin and rapid loss of weight.

There are a few little tricks to remove abdominal flab you can do to get even faster results:


Posture practice: Having a correct posture can work miracles in the appearance of the abdomen. When standing, be sure to have feet straight, shoulders back and plunge the stomach, at the beginning it can be a bit uncomfortable and even cause a slight pain in the abdomen, but after a while it disappears.

Doing crunches: The abs are simple to make and very effective also does not require extra time. This exercise can be done anywhere, simply contract your abdominal muscles and keep well for several seconds, then relax. This exercise can be done while performing other routine tasks such as cooking, makeup, watch TV or even while sitting at a desk.

Do some biking: To do this exercise is not necessary to have a bike or a specific machine. Perfectly you can be done only with his feet. To do this exercise just you have to lie on your back with your hands under the buttocks. Bend your knees and extend a leg up, toward the ceiling. Make a pedaling motion and extend the other leg, as if you ride a bike.

Take the time lost: Although you are watching a favorite TV show, instead of looking for other channels when ads, you can do an exercise to eliminate simple abdominal flab. Simply lie on your back on the floor, if it is in the best bed; inhale slowly and before exhaling, stretch your hands up hands sliding over the thighs and knees while exhaling. Do this for the duration of the commercials.

Eating foods that reaffirm the skin: What you eat has effects throughout the body, including the skin. Some foods make the skin firmer, while others can cause sagging. Eating many water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables and healthy fats from avocados, nuts and seeds helps more firmness in the skin and make you look younger.

To remove abdominal flab is not necessary to resort to surgery or expensive gym memberships, use imagination in conjunction with the tips above, adequate to remove the skin hanging and reassert until you get the desired results. Use some kind of sweat belt to achieve better results.

Create Your Dream Patio on a Budget

Patios can be a wonderful place for the family to gather in nice weather. A bit of furniture here and there can make a patio every bit as comfortable as a living room. But is it possible to create a comfortable patio on a budget? The answer is absolutely, especially with these tips from Wicker Paradise. With a few minor adjustments, the outdoor living space can become a new entertainment area for family and guests.

Spruce Up Old Furniture

Taking the time to repaint and maintain existing furniture can help give a patio that extra shine. Replacement cushions for patio furniture also give old equipment a new look. Something may be old. That doesn’t mean it cannot be beautiful if given a little love and care.

Add Flowers

While a bit of paint and some outdoor replacement cushions can go a long way, nothing says outdoors like fresh flowers. Planters can be made out of anything from old tires to rain boots. Flowers are inexpensive to purchase, and they really give the area some outdoor beauty.

Visit a Thrift Shop

Not everything on a patio has to be brand new. Check out a local thrift store. There is no telling what kind of treasures can be found. Lawn ornaments and figurines are often donated after estate sales and auctions. While such things as wicker furniture cushions are better purchased new, having a few used items in one way to save money on that dream patio.

An amazing patio does not necessarily have to break the bank. With some love and care, that outdoor living area can be made into a space of warmth and beauty.


The Origin of Nursing Uniforms

The nursing uniforms of today are long ways from their verifiable partners. While today’s nurses appreciate wearing free scours and fun designs, it was not the situation for the individuals who preceded them in this calling. The nursing uniforms of today are long ways from their verifiable partners. While today’s nurses appreciate wearing free scours and fun designs, it was not the situation for the individuals who preceded them in this calling.

Actually, this calling all in all is a generally new creation. Preceding the mid-nineteenth century, all ladies were relied upon to have the capacity to perform, to some degree, the obligations of a nurse. Whether they were married and had youngsters or not, they were looked upon to tend injuries and contaminations, mix home grew medications and remedies, and help with labor. These ladies wore their ordinary garments, which usually was a dress and a cover.

As the part of nurses increased more significance and distinction, they started to differentiate themselves from normal housewives and workers by wearing white articles of clothing, regularly accompanied by a cap or top. At the point when acclaimed nurse Florence Nightingale upset this calling, all nurses started to wear pressed white outfits with pointed tops that regularly bore the nurses’ symbol of her level of preparing.

This standard of uniform proceeded until the 1970s when more men tried to prepare for and go along with this vocation. Thus, the outfit for a nurse changed to oblige this change. Much more, as hospitals developed into the mechanically progressed and progressively bustling establishments, nurses found that their pressed uniforms restrained their scopes of movement. They, in the end, exchanged their trademark white outfits for restful scours.

Today, it is regularly difficult to differentiate a nurse from a specialist. To be sure, both wear scours to minimize the spread of illness. Were it not for specialists’ jackets and nurses’ badges, a patient may effortlessly call a nurse by a specialist’s title and the other way around.

Those in the nursing calling don’t need an exceptional request their uniforms or have them customized, as their verifiable partners did. Numerous enormous box retailers offer nurses tops and bottoms. These outfits come in snazzy examples and sometimes incorporate prominent toon characters that may speak to juvenile patients. Nurses can blend and match their finish with their clean bottoms to make it create the impression that they are wearing interesting outfits rather than the same troupe each other day.

Also, today’s garments do not normally require the unique washing and starching that the dresses of yesteryear required. Most present day nursing outfits are wash and wear, implying that they can be worn and after that washed as different things of attire. They don’t need to be pressed or pressed. Rather, they can be washed, dried, and hung up until their next wearing.

The nursing calling is one that has a long history. Regardless of that, nursing uniforms are a moderately new creation. While early American ladies who performed nursing obligations commonly wore ordinary garments like their dresses and covers, it was not until the mid-nineteenth century that nurses wore the cliché pressed white uniforms that ring a bell when one envisions a Florence Nightingale nurse. When they understood that these uniforms repressed their developments, present day nurses traded the white outfit for vivid surgical scours.

How to Pick the Right Lawyer For Your Mesothelioma Case

Mesothelioma is a disease conveyed on by exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma losses frequently win trade harms out the occasion that they sue, yet the cases can be convoluted and a mesothelioma lawyer is for the most part anticipated that would recognize the social events who are subject for the asbestos presentation (asbestos makers, protection offices, or asbestos setbacks’ trust sponsors) and begin the lawsuit or settlement process. Since mesothelioma cases are a particular legitimate corner it’s vital to perceive how mesothelioma lawyer work and how to utilize a not too bad one.

The best technique to Picking the Best Mesothelioma Lawyer

Asses the references of the lawyer

A conventional mesothelioma lawyer should have the ability to give you the name and contact information of a couple satisfied clients. Clearly, the lawyer should get the assent of the client; in any case this can when in doubt be composed. Despite the way that you’ll simply be given the names of outstandingly satisfied clients, it can regardless be to a great degree helpful to speak with someone who has worked with the lawyer you are pondering in a mesothelioma case.

Meeting the lawyers

When you develop a short once-over of mesothelioma lawyers, contact their work environments (again, get help in case you are debilitated). Request a case evaluation and, if possible, organize an individual meeting. Ask who definitely will manage your case (routinely a case manager, who is a non-lawyer in greater firms). Find who you can call or email in case you have request, and to what degree it will take to hit you up. Predicting these requests, various law workplaces will give you a made survey out of what’s in store. Especially if it’s point by point and guarantees that all calls and messages will be returned in 24 hours, this is a not too bad sign.

Agree on the lawyer’s fees

Mesothelioma lawyers charge a probability price for every legitimate delegation they undertake, notwithstanding additional costs to set up your case. An approach that is very effective is to contact a couple of lawyers, making it clear that you’ll require your speculation before consenting to a charge plan. You will probably find a nice quality lawyer who will address you for twenty five percent to thirty percent of your recovery, as opposed to thirty percent to forty percent. Regardless, recall that mesothelioma cases can be to a great degree many-sided. If you find an attorney who has a lot of experience and is highly recommended (with a track of achievement) addressing mesothelioma clients, a couple rate concentrates on a probability charge doubtlessly shouldn’t oversee paying little mind to whether you get that attorney.

Find how costs are dealt with

A not too bad attorney will deduct costs (things like filing costs and ace witnesses’ compensation) off the most astounding purpose of any settlement or reward, before the money is segregated and the attorney takes their settled upon rate. That way you and the attorney offer portion of the costs. Besides, competent attorneys will give you receipts exhibiting that all expenses realized were specific to your case – importance you’re not being saddled with part of the bill for the affiliation’s general working expenses.

Preventative Health Is Your Key to a Long Life

Most doctors will tell their patients prevention is the best medicine. This clich? is just another way of saying that if a person can avoid disease and illness in the first place, there is no need for medication or treatment. Though prevention of a disease is not always possible, doing what you can to improve your health can help you fight off problems. The stronger your body is the easier it will be to avoid disease and illness.

The trouble is a lot of people do not understand how prevention works. They follow the old health rules that might be outdated or not ideal for them. Prevention takes planning and many people are unwilling to take the time needed to create a preventative health plan. Not only must you determine what information is truly going to help, you must determine what your body needs and what your risks might be.

The most important preventative health tips that apply to everyone are healthy eating and exercise. No matter who you are and what health risks you face, you need to eat healthy and take time to be physically active. In order to gain the most benefits from these measures, you need to find what works best for you. If you follow a plan designed for someone else, you could damage your health or fail to gain the greatest benefits from your actions.

If you are otherwise healthy, design a basic health plan that is fun for you. The key is sticking with your plan and not giving up. To do this you need to pick something that fits your budget, your personality, and your current physical fitness level. Over time you can build up endurance, but if you overdo it initially, it can lead to injury.

Those who face current health problems will need to adjust their new workout plan to suit their physical limitations. Just because you are ill or injured does not mean you should abandon exercise. You just need to find something that works for you.

In addition to exercising, eating right is also important. Many of the nutrition tips you have learned your entire life might not be suitable for you, so it is important to speak with your doctor or a nutritionist about your nutrition needs. People have different health risks, so you need to determine what yours are and what you can do to prevent health problems. For instance, if your family has a history of weight-related illness, you need to eat in order to maintain a healthy weight. People who are at risk for mental illness need to choose foods that boost mental health. No matter what your health risks, there are diet choices you can make to reduce your risk for developing an illness.

Keeping stress in check and getting plenty of rest are also important parts of maintaining good health. Letting life drag you down with unmanaged stress and exhaustion is sure to trigger health problems. In many cases, long-term stress has fatal results. Most of the people who suffer from heart disease and other serious health problems are not only dealing with poor eating habits and lack of exercise, they are also victims of long-term stress. Managing stress and caring for your spiritual health helps keep you in tip-top shape.

If it seems as if maintaining good health takes a lot of work, it is because it does. You need to learn about your current health and your health risks. You need to learn what lifestyle changes are most important for you to make. You also need to commit to a life of healthy living. The challenge for most people is that the results are not immediate. You might spend an entire week eating right and exercising, only to find you have not lost any weight or made any changes in your health. The results of healthy living and preventative measures are long-term. You need to build a healthy life over the course of several years to prevent sickness as you get older. The stronger you are throughout your life the healthier you will be as the years pass by.

If you are looking for a surefire way to reduce your risk for illness and disease, learn about preventative health. It is the best way to feel your best, make the most of your life, and maintain good health over the course of a lifetime.

Student Health Centers Increase Revenue By Billing Commercial Insurance Plans

With college health centers facing significant increases in the costs to provide health care services, as well as decreases in their funding sources, many health center administrators are having to think outside of the box for ways to extend budgets and maintain a high quality of care for their student patients. As a result, more college health center directors and their staffs are turning to commercial insurance plans.
“Health centers at many public institutions used to get 100 percent of their funding from the state, but times are changing,” said Jennifer Lepus, director of university health services for the University of Maryland …#34; Baltimore County.

The UM-BC student health center is one of hundreds nationally that have struggled with state budget cutbacks. Health centers at impacted schools may still receive some funding by offering student health insurance plans, but reimbursements from those plans …#34; which are provided by a handful of companies that contract with colleges to offer exclusive group rated coverage to students …#34; are typically not enough to support a health center budget.

“Our difficulty in offering only a group rated insurance program was that voluntary enrollment was not enough to sustain it,” said Western Kentucky University’s Health Services Director Libby Greaney. “So, WKU’s solution has been to accept commercial insurance plans, and file those claims.

WKU began billing insurance companies in 2001, after student health fees were cut the previous year.

“If your doctors are board-certified and credentialed, they can establish themselves as primary care physicians. This enables you to see community patients who are in-network with the plans that your health center accepts. If balanced properly, you can increase your service net and your revenue streams.”

According to Greaney, more and more schools are realizing the benefits of opening their health centers up to commercial plans, and taking a similar approach to WKU’s.

“People are beginning to see the need. They are talking about it and addressing it,” she said. “Those in college health who are resistant to the idea may be viewed as ‘old school’ if they do not embrace the concept.”
“More and more senior vice presidents at colleges are hearing about this approach, and are giving the directive to their health centers. I would encourage health center staff to be more in the driver’s seat.”

But Greaney also recognizes a natural conundrum. While accepting commercial carriers can open up additional revenue streams for college health centers, it may also impact access to care. The reality is that not every student enrolls in school with insurance coverage. Students without coverage either go without care, or must pay out of pocket for medical costs that are growing more expensive each year.

With the American College Health Association and some states calling for colleges and universities to provide health care coverage to all students, some schools are offering a menu of options.

For example, Lepus and her staff at UM-BC have opted to accept both a student health plan and plans from commercial carriers.

“If the goal is for every student to have coverage, we can achieve that by offering both options,” Lepus said. “The school plans are less expensive for people, but we have found that many young people today are covered by their parents’ insurance plans until they turn 23 years old. That means that a large number of students have coverage through private carriers, and it seems logical that when they come in to be seen, we can bill those insurance companies.”

The University of Utah at Salt Lake City is another example of a health center that has found that billing to commercial insurance carriers as well as offering a traditional student insurance plan through the university is a win-win for both students and the health center.

“By offering both options, we have a medium-sized pool of students who are required to come to us with their insurance, but we are also affordable and convenient for students with out of state insurance who will be paying out-of-network percentages or deductibles,” said Tiffany Smith, office manager/patient advocate for the University of Utah at Salt Lake City’s health center, which attracts about 7,000 students each year. “When we bill commercial insurance carriers, we make the process easier for our student patients, and this keeps them coming back to us in the future.”

Setting Goals in Health and Fitness

Goal setting is an important part of motivation and this is where you can have an input into what targets you want to achieve. You also need to look at setting three types of goals:

1. Short term

2. Medium term

3. Long term

If you can be realistic about what goals you hope to achieve over a realistic time period, then you are on the right path. It is extremely important that you only set achievable goals too, or this will have the opposite effect of motivation. A gradual and steady progression is all that is required, particularly if you have not been exercising for some time.

Benefits of setting goals

Hitting your goals and set targets can have a massively positive benefit to you as an individual by keeping you motivated. If you reach your goals and even complete them then the cycle just simple starts again, where you just adjust and set yourself new goals to reach.

Goals help you to feel motivated, since it gives you an inner reliance sensation, which comes from knowing your direction and purpose in life. Goals follow plans that you set to accomplish something at a reasonable time. Once you have your plans and goals set, follow up with action. Take action each day and set them realistic goals.

Hitting your goals and set targets can have a massively positive benefit to you as an individual by keeping you motivated. If you reach your goals and even complete them then the cycle just simple starts again, where you just adjust and set yourself new goals to reach.

Make it fun

The more fun you get out of your health and fitness goals the more inclined you will be to continue and eventually see the benefits. Find an activity or method you like and use it again and again, but it is important that you vary these particularly if it is a fitness activity.

If you keep going over the same routine at the same speed your body will get used to this and plateau. Plateau is when your body gets too used to doing the same exercise or activity and does not benefit from this unless more exerted difficulty is put into the activity.

It is important to be realistic about the goals that we are going to set ourselves. We must not set our goals or benchmarks too high or this will have the opposite effect and de-motivate us. Think about how hectic and busy our lives are or can be at times.

If you work full time and travel to work, if you have children or other commitments, it is important to realise that our time dedicated to acieving our goals is going to be restricted. Take this into consideration before you decide on exactly what your goals are going to be.

Laughter Therapy: An Easy Way to Holistic Health Care

Laughter can be contagious. But the best part of it is that laughter has many benefits for our health. Laughter is something that can bind people together and create an atmosphere of happiness without the people having to know each other.

Laughter has major benefit on our health, especially on the immune and cardiovascular system of our body. Let us now take a look at few of the benefits that laughter has on our health.

• It is a really powerful antidote to any kind of stress or anger as it reduces the level of certain types of hormones like epinephrine and dopac, which are directly related to stress and its reactions. A good laugh can easily bring your mind and body back to peace. It also helps people suffering from hypertension. It helps in lowering blood pressure as well.

• Laughter helps in reducing the chances of a heart attack as it expands the inner linings of the arteries and hence increases blood flow.

• Laughter also has several psychological benefits. It enhances attentiveness and gives more self confidence and mental strength.

• Laughter is also helpful in burning calories and hence helps in losing weight. It also strengthens abdominal muscles and improves our respiratory system.

• Laughter also has really good effect on our social life. Laughing increases our skills of communicating with others. Laughter also makes a person more cheerful and hence more likely makes them popular in a group as they can be a good companion.

The best thing about laughter is that, it does not have any kind of negative physical or mental side effects. Some people opt for medical treatments for the above mentioned ailments which costs them considerable amount of money. On the other hand, laughing is a free of cost natural approach and has immediate positive effects. But it should also be taken in consideration that if conditions like drawn out periods of depression exist, people should consult a physician.

You can tell about a child’s health just by seeing how much fun does the child have while laughing. Similarly introducing laughter in your life will help you by providing you a holistic lifestyle filled with happiness.